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Orthotic shoe inserts, also called orthotics, improve foot support, balance, and comfort. The board-certified podiatrists at Gentle Foot and Ankle Care offer over-the-counter and prescription custom orthotics to patients in Madison Heights, Troy, Commerce Township, and South Lyon, Michigan. To find out how orthotics can benefit you, call the nearest office or schedule your visit online.

Orthotics Q & A

What are orthotics?

Custom orthotics are inserts you wear in your shoes to provide more support for your feet and ankles. They can correct irregular walking patterns, take the pressure off painful or sore spots, or prevent new or worsening foot injuries.


Over-the-counter orthotic inserts are available and may help with some mild symptoms, but the custom orthotics available from Gentle Foot and Ankle Care can correct a wider range of foot complications. This is because the team makes them using precise molds or scans of your feet to ensure a perfect fit. 

What are my options for orthotics?

Besides being customizable to the shape of your feet, orthotics are also customizable in their rigidity. The team at Gentle Foot and Ankle Care helps you choose a shape and material for your custom orthotics whether you need them for better foot function, for protective purposes, or both. 


Gentle Foot and Ankle Care offers these orthotic types for you to consider:

Rigid orthotics

Rigid orthotics work best for walking around in dress shoes, which can be unstable or restrictive. They serve the purpose of controlling the motion in your two major foot joints below the ankle. Your podiatrist creates them from materials like plastic or carbon fiber using a mold of your feet, and they can improve or eliminate discomfort in the legs, thighs, or low back. 

Soft orthotics 

Soft orthotics are made using more flexible materials but also using precise molds of your feet. They absorb shock and help you maintain your balance. They work well for arthritic feet, diabetic feet, or any other feet with specific sore areas. 

Semi-rigid orthotics

Semi-rigid orthotics primarily help with balance, especially for people who walk a lot or participate in sports. They also help with children’s in-toeing or out-toeing. Their material is soft but reinforced with a harder material. 

Who benefits from orthotics?

The team at Gentle Foot and Ankle Care offers both custom orthotics and over-the-counter orthotics to treat various foot conditions, aid in healing, or correct the way you walk or run. 


These devices lower your chances of additional foot injuries in the future because of the arch support they provide. They distribute the pressure in your step in an optimal way.


Your board-certified podiatrist might recommend orthotics as part of your treatment for:


  • Back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Hammertoe
  • Heel spurs
  • Flat feet
  • Bunions
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • In- and out-toeing


The team performs an evaluation when you visit and checks for any visible foot irregularities. They also check the way you stand and walk. Then, they can make a personalized recommendation for the type of orthotics that will serve your needs. 


Custom and over-the-counter orthotic shoe inserts can help you walk comfortably and in a way that won’t aggravate any existing foot injuries or conditions. Schedule your appointment over the phone or online at Gentle Foot and Ankle Care today. 

The foot doctors at Gentle Foot Care offer ankle replacement surgery, bunion treatment, and overall foot and ankle care. Call us to book your appointment today.