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Walking After Ankle Replacement: What to Expect

Ankle replacement surgery is a common procedure to relieve chronic ankle pain and restore mobility. If you are considering this surgery, you may be wondering what to expect when it comes to walking after your procedure. In this blog, we'll discuss what to expect in terms of walking after ankle replacement surgery, the expected range of motion, the improvements to gait you may experience, and the importance of managing your expectations.


The recovery period for ankle replacement surgery can vary depending on the individual and whether any additional procedures are performed at the same time. Your surgeon will provide you with guidance on what to expect during your individual recovery, including when you can begin walking and putting weight on your ankle. During the recovery process, you will need to follow your surgeon's instructions carefully, which may include wearing a splint or cast, using crutches or a walker, and attending physical therapy. Some patients may begin walking within 2-3 weeks, while others may take up to six weeks, depending on their individual circumstances.


After your ankle has fully healed, you should be able to walk and move around with greater ease. You may also experience an improvement in range of motion and gait, which can lead to better balance and stability. However, it's important to understand that while the ankle replacement procedure can significantly improve your mobility and function, it may not restore it to the same level as before your injury or condition. Your surgeon will work with you to develop realistic expectations for your mobility and function after the procedure, taking into account your individual needs and circumstances.

It's important to emphasize that ankle replacement surgery can significantly improve your quality of life, even if you cannot return to high-impact activities. Every patient's recovery process is unique, and your surgeon will work with you to develop a realistic plan for your mobility and function after the procedure. Your surgeon will provide you with guidance and support throughout your recovery to help you achieve the best possible outcome.


Managing your expectations and following your surgeon's instructions carefully are crucial for a successful recovery. With the help of an experienced foot and ankle surgeon and the right care and treatment, you can expect to see improvements in your ability to walk and move around after the procedure.

Gentle Foot and Ankle Care specializes in treating foot and ankle conditions, including ankle replacement surgery. Our team of skilled surgeons are dedicated to helping you recover as quickly and safely as possible. If you're considering ankle replacement surgery or are experiencing any foot or ankle pain, give us a call to schedule an appointment. We're here to help you get back on your feet!

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