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A Closer Look at Plantar Warts: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Struggling with plantar warts can be uncomfortable, affecting your daily activities. At Gentle Foot and Ankle Care, our goal is to restore your comfort and mobility, offering a broad spectrum of innovative and effective treatment options for plantar warts.

Plantar warts, caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), usually appear on the heels or balls of your feet. They manifest as hard, grainy growths, often causing discomfort or pain when standing or walking.

While plantar warts might resolve on their own, they can persist and potentially spread if untreated. That's where Gentle Foot and Ankle Care steps in, offering an array of cutting-edge treatment solutions.

 Treatment options include:

  1. Salicylic acid treatment: This topical application gradually peels away the wart-infected skin.
  2. Cryotherapy: Commonly known as 'freezing,' this method eliminates the virus by freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen.
  3. Laser treatment: Used for resistant warts, this approach disrupts the tiny blood vessels within the wart, causing it to die.
  4. Cantharidin: A blistering agent, cantharidin is applied to the wart, causing it to blister and eventually peel off.
  5. Minimally invasive surgery: For stubborn warts, our expert surgeons can skillfully excise the wart with minimal scarring and quick recovery.

Our dedicated doctors will discuss the most suitable treatment plan for you, which may even involve traditional methods, based on your specific needs.

When you choose Gentle Foot and Ankle Care, you're opting for quality care and swift recovery. Our experienced specialists meticulously design personalized care plans to meet your individual needs, ensuring a quick return to your routine.

Don't let plantar warts dictate your life. Schedule an appointment with us at Gentle Foot and Ankle Care and start your journey towards a wart-free life.

Whether you're battling painful plantar warts or other foot and ankle issues, we're here to assist. Book your appointment today, and discover the benefits of our comprehensive wart treatments at Gentle Foot and Ankle Care. Regain your mobility, comfort, and freedom.

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